SabreCSG – Creating Mountains

Unity’s terrain is this stretchy smooth awkward stuff that stands out. I can’t subtract a cave from it and it’s limiting my options:

I’d rather build mountains like Unreal Gold:

Sadly at the time of writing this I haven’t actually gotten around to building any official terrain tools for SabreCSG, but I can create them manually by hand. It will also allow me to build a secret cave unlike Unity’s terrain.

I am able to cheat a bit by abusing my 2D Shape Editor. I will draw the outline in there and then it will build me tens or hundreds of convex brushes that I can vertex edit and shape into mountains.

Simple, but it works!

Now I will detach the brushes into ordinary brushes and apply some vertex editing to get the final result:

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!

Henry de Jongh

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