SabreCSG – Creating Terrain

I needed some terrain for my underwater surface and decided to build it with SabreCSG.

Before starting make sure that “Optimize Geometry” in the CSG Model is OFF.
Also make sure you use NoCSG brushes only!

The first step is to use the clipping tool to insert edge loops on a box in a grid pattern:

Once finished, again please use NoCSG brushes, I copy and pasted my box 8 times (9 total) to cover the entire underwater surface that the player can access:

Next you can go into vertex edit mode and should see something like this:

The idea is to lift vertices up and down (not sideways) to terraform your geometry:

Once you are done you should end up with something like this:

As you can tell the surface is quite flat shaded and it’s not very realistic:

To fix this simply go into the face editor, select your brushes in the hierarchy (this will select all of their faces) and press the “Smooth” button to get this result which is much better:

The final result looks pretty convincing and awesome:

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!

Henry de Jongh

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