BBQ Simulator


A barbecue simulator created for the Ludum Dare 35 Game Jam!
The goal of the game is to grill steaks, but watch out, annoying flies will ruin the steaks if you don’t pay attention!


Programming: Henry de Jongh
Models & Music: Joakim Lövgren
Artwork: Denise Böhm


Henry de Jongh


The game supports the following keyboard inputs:

W / UpWalk Forwards
A / LeftWalk Left
D / RightWalk Right
S / DownWalk Backwards
RReset Game
Left Mouse ButtonPick Up Steaks


The goal of the game is to grill steaks between 90-110% and then place them on the plate. Depending on the quality of the grilled steaks your score will increase. Flies will come and ruin your dinner so squash them with your spatula before they ruin your steaks!

Composed by Joakim Lövgren. Listen to this song on Joakim’s Soundcloud.

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