Welcome to 00laboratories!

We are a programming team with a strong focus on game development.

We are currently developing our own cross-platform game called Peri.dot that will be available on Android in the near future. It's a fast paced racing game that requires fast reaction times.

This website features a variety of Windows Applications, Website Applications and Games.

Peri.dot - Fast Racing Game


A game project started for an "open door" presentation day at work.
The goal of the game is to evade obstacles and race for as long as you possibly can!

PBHGEN - PureBasic Header Generator


Will read a PureBasic source file (*.pb) and generate a header out of it (*.pbi). Declare statements are generated for every procedure automatically.

Space - Adventure Space Shooter With Sheep


A game project created within a week for an "open door" presentation day. The goal of the game is to destroy meteorites and rescue the space sheep but watch out, alien ships are after you!