Welcome to 00laboratories!

We are a programming team with a strong focus on game development.

We are currently developing our own cross-platform game called Peri.dot that will be available on Android in the near future. It's a fast paced racing game that requires fast reaction times.

This website features a variety of Windows Applications, Website Applications and Games.

Peri.dot - Fast Racing Game


A game project started for an "open door" presentation day at work.
The goal of the game is to evade obstacles and race for as long as you possibly can!

SkypeHack - No More Advertisements


Application to remove all of Skype's advertisement fields on the top and the large sidebar on the side of the Skype chat window.

PBHGEN - PureBasic Header Generator


Will read a PureBasic source file (*.pb) and generate a header out of it (*.pbi). Declare statements are generated for every procedure automatically.

Space - Adventure Space Shooter With Sheep


A game project created within a week for an "open door" presentation day. The goal of the game is to destroy meteorites and rescue the space sheep but watch out, alien ships are after you!

Favorite Gadget: USB Sound Adapter (http://dx.com/)

The sound quality is exactly like any other built-in computer sound chip. It supports 3 volume modes which are literally 1%, 2% and 3% in your windows volume settings. Anything above that simply distorts (but it's painfully loud as well) as it's unsupported. It's one of the best USB sound adapters on the market today and this price is undefeated.
Mine keeps breaking from overheating after around three months of use. But you can easily get another one here.
It's worth buying if you find a computer that has sound disabled (school, work, broken laptop, ...) or, if you get more technical, you can use this as yet another speaker / microphone in the windows settings and assign them to different applications. It's just ordinary stereo sound. I have no idea why they are globally advertised as being 5.1 or even 7.1. The sound quality is identical to your default audio on any computer.