Volumetric Audio for SabreCSG

Realistically emit sound from 3D volumes. Full geometry editing tools of SabreCSG. Live in-editor audio preview.

Magic Cauldron PBR

High quality Magic cauldron using PBR, including particle effects and a script to animate the bubbling goo in the cauldron.

Kettle Grill PBR

A highly detailed kettle style grill using PBR. Including both a clean and rusty version. Removable lid. Emission for the charcoal and inside of the grill.

Electric Generator PBR

A Detailed Electric Generator with three different texture variations.

Treasure Chest PBR

A Detailed Treasure Chest with three different texture variations, The Gold coins are a separate mesh and not just a plane with a texture on it. The lid and all handles are separate objects with proper pivot points which makes it easy to animate.
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