70s Radio PBR

Price: $4,99

A detailed vintage radio based on a 70s design.

Optimized for Unity Game Engine.
Maximum performance under real-time conditions.

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A Detailed vintage radio based on a 70s design.
All knobs, the antenna segments and frequency selection indicator are all separate objects that can be animated.

All textures are 4096×4096
Albedo, Metallic, Normal, and Ambient Occlusion

The model is in FBX format
Total: 8543 verts, 8486 tris

Volume knob: 249 verts, 330 tris
Squelch knob: 249 verts, 330 tris
Tuning knob: 392 verts, 580 tris
Radio body: 4764 verts, 3788 tris
Side Knob: 1318 verts, 1728 tris
Indicator: 12 verts, 6 tris
Glass: 4 verts, 2 tris
Antenna base: 570 verts, 718 tris
Antenna part 1: 436 verts, 432 tris
Antenna part 2: 102 verts, 96 tris
Antenna part 3: 102 verts, 96 tris
Antenna part 4: 345 verts, 380 tris

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