Ultra Washing Machine PBR



Ultra Washing Machine PBR

Price: $7,99

The ultimate washing machine with three different texture variations. An hour-long washing program. Breathtaking sound. Spline-based hose and cable editor.

Optimized for Unity Game Engine.
Maximum performance under real-time conditions.

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The ultimate washing machine experience! Complete with an hour-long washing program replicated exactly from a real washing machine to faithfully simulate reality. Breathtaking sound with start, loop and end segments. Huge 4k textures with hand-optimized import settings for maximum performance- so you can really crank up the graphics quality even more if desired. Includes a spline-based hose and cable editor so you can wire it up realistically in your scene. Contains 3 different variants, from brand new to used to moss-covered junk. And yes, we may have overdone it.

The LEDs and the display of the front panel are controlled by a small shader via emission. It takes in a character texture with all numbers and allows you to adjust the four numbers shown on the display with four sliders from 0 to 9. The temperature and wash program mode LEDs are also controlled by two sliders. This was done for performance reasons instead of using render textures. The supplied C# scripts show how to animate the shader programmatically.

Washing Machine Variant 1 – Modern
Washing Machine Variant 2 – Used
Washing Machine Variant 3 – Moss-covered Junk

Models are FBX format:
Body: 6944 Tris, 4634 Verts
Display: 1936 Tris, 1191 Verts
Door: 8062 Tris, 5536 Verts
Door Glass: 1084 Tris, 576 Verts
Drum: 2006 Tris, 1318 Verts
Front: 10170 Tris, 6450 Verts
Knob: 1362 Tris, 810 Verts
Donut Connector: 224 Tris, 228 Verts
Drain Hose Connector: 572 Tris, 378 Verts
Power Plug Connector: 4650 Tris, 3116 Verts
Water Hose Connector: 2976 Tris, 2015 Verts

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